EO-1M Protector Signal Jammer

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The EO-1M has been designed to provide protection from covert recording devices and bugs. This unique combination of a speech protector and signal jammer ensures safe and discreet meetings without confidential data leakage. The speech protector can be easily carried between different rooms and placed in areas at risk of eavesdropping. With no external antennas, it does not attract any unwanted attention

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Today, You Can Be Eavesdropped on by Anything

All portable electronic devices have built-in microphones that can be easily exploited to record private conversations and confidential business meetings. This can be used to discredit you by competitors and cause you to lose the hard-earned reputation and trust of your customers. Protect your trade secrets and know-how with the EO-1M Speech Protector and Signal Jammer.

The EO-1M incorporates three unique technologies to safeguard your privacy:

Ultrasound Generator – Discrete Mode, Inaudible Protection

  • Highly efficient against digital recording devices and bugs
  • Distorts recordings to useless noise

Acoustic Noise Mix – Audible Protection

  • Protects against stethoscope and laser microphones.
  • Generates mixed voice that creates a sound barrier.
  • Protects even from the most advanced forensic cleaning techniques.

Signal Jammer

  • Interferes with mobile networks within range, including 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G signals.
  • Blocks the use of Bluetooth and prevents eavesdropping by wireless headphones.
  • Interferes with the two most used Wi-Fi frequencies.


Three Levels of Protection

Discreet Protection

  • Generates ultrasound and silent acoustic noise.
  • This mode allows you to negotiate comfortably while protecting against most covert recording devices and bugs.

Highly Effective Protection

  • Generates both ultrasound and acoustic noise while interfering with the mobile networks in range.
  • Protects against high-quality voice recorders and location tracking

Maximum Protection

  • Generates ultrasound and loud acoustic noise.
  • Provides maximum protection of confidential information even at the cost of reduced comfort during negotiations.



All-In-One Protection of Company Premises Against Confidential Data Leakage

The EO-1M Speech Protector and Signal Jammer was developed to provide protection against undesired voice recordings of business meetings. It is well suited for the protection of offices, meeting rooms, and other areas where sensitive information may be discussed. Besides, it is discreet and does not attract undesired attention, since it has no external antennas.

Confidential conversations Conference rooms Important meetings
✅ Recruitment and firing interviews ✅ Business presentations ✅ Important announcements to shareholders, employees, etc.
✅ Negotiations of confidentiality agreements ✅ Marketing team meetings ✅ Board of Directors meeting
✅ Meetings between executives ✅ Finance Department meetings ✅ Meetings with legal advisers
✅ Discussing trade secrets ✅ Crisis Management Meetings


Simple and Intuitive to Use


Simple yet flexible installation Quick and easy activation 
✅ The jammer can be placed on a desk or conference table ✅ Easily turned on remotely with the remote control and a button
✅ Can also be placed under a conference table ✅ Press the button to select the desired level of protection
✅ Possible ceiling installation


The jammer is calibrated for use in the European Union. If you wish us to configure the device individually, do not hesitate to contact us. The sale of the product is in accordance with the paragraph X. of our Terms and Conditions. See paragraph IX. for more information.

Interferes Following Frequencies:

Channel Frequency
700/800/900 738-960 MHz
1800 1805-1880 MHz
2100 2110-2170 MHz
2600 2500-2690 MHz
3500 3400-3600 MHz
3700 3600-3800 MHz
Wi-Fi 2,4 GHz 2400-2500 MHz
Wi-Fi 5 GHz 5150-5350 MHz
GPS 1560-1620 MHz


When using the ultrasonic noise generator to overwhelm all microphones in the vicinity, certain limitations may arise due to the laws of physics. Some of the microphone designs may be more susceptible to be jammed than others. Therefore, the effectiveness may be different for each of the designs. The maximum effective range of the generator can therefore also vary by up to several times depending on the type of the microphone. Additionally, the generated ultrasonic noise can bounce off different surfaces and is unable to penetrate most materials to any greater depth. It is recommended to use a sufficient number of devices and then position them appropriately in the room to ensure the best possible protection of privacy during meetings.

For the best possible protection, we recommend using the acoustic noise function which allows you to record your own voice in your own language and overlap your conversation with it. The recorded voice is then randomly generated to create a sound barrier against eavesdropping via a stethoscope and laser microphones. Additionally, it protects against the most cutting-edge forensic cleaning technologies.

Although the device does not guarantee a 100% jamming effectiveness, it greatly outperforms competing solutions. Due to its configuration, it can guarantee high effectiveness when used against microphones on devices such as dictaphones, wiretaps and seismic microphones, computer microphones, headsets, cameras and mobile phones.

Weight 1,8 kg
Range ultrasound: 5 meters, acoustic voice mix: 30 meters
Intensity of ultrasonic interference 41 × 128-132 dB
Output of acoustic interference 3W
Dimensions 20 cm x 20 cm x 8 cm
Power supply 50-60 Hz
Voltage 12 V


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