Portable Active GPS Tracker pack

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Extended battery pack for our Portable Real-Time GPS Tracker

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Listed here is an extended battery pack for our Portable Real-Time GPS Tracker, which comes with everything you need to charge it up and replace the battery already inside the GPS tracker. The initial battery that comes with the GPS unit lasts for about 8 hours of driving while hooking in this battery will bump that up to an incredible 80 hours of driving time.


The battery itself is in two pieces. The large blue piece containing the power cells connected to the smaller adapter piece looks identical to the battery already mounted in the tracker. What’s neat about the smaller piece is that it also has a battery charge indicator, which lets you know how much power the battery has received.

The charger will plug into a wall socket and then into the small adapter piece rather than the power cells themselves, and it’ll take up to 10 hours to get a full charge. The package comes with an Allen wrench to open up the back of the tracker.

Take the battery out and replace it with the small adapter piece, making sure to match the gold contacts together, and then wrap the included rubber band around it to hold it in place. You do not want to put the cover back on the back of the tracker, as the cable running from the adapter to the power cells can get kinked or cut, and the tracker would stop receiving power.



  • 80 Hour Battery Pack for our Mobile Live Tracker
  • Power is drawn only when the tracker is in motion
  • The battery indicator lets you know when fully charged
  • Use as a secondary battery for extended battery with our real-time GPS tracker


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