2K Ultra Spy Pen micro Camera ultra

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portable and durable metal 2K ultra spy pen

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Our portable and durable metal 2K ultra spy pen is ahead of the pack with a 2304×1296 video resolution making it the highest resolution available on the market for body-worn cameras. The internal 16GB memory will store 2 hours of 2k video and audio at 30 frames per second.

This pen functions like any normal pen, allowing you to take notes at work, school, or home. The embedded camera can be covertly covered up with the lens cover slider and quickly pulled down by your thumb to allow you to record video quickly or take photos. Your cover won’t be blown as there are no indicator lights on while recording. You can date and time stamp your recorded videos which can be downloaded easily to a Windows or Mac computer; you can play the recorded files back with your standard media player on your computer.



This pen has a one-touch operation: all you need to do is press the power button down for a second, and you will see a blue light turn on. The blue light will turn off, and a green light will begin to flash, which indicates that it is on and recording. To stop the recording, press the power button again, you will see the green lights flash, and the blue light turns back on. The blue light indicates that it is in standby mode.

Pressing the power button will make it record again. If you press and hold the power button for 2-3 seconds, it will turn off the device. The LED recording light will turn off while recording video after a few moments to allow for discreet video recording.


The discreet portable design and ability to function as a pen make it ideal in almost any situation or environment. The one-touch recording feature makes it easy to use, even in short-notice situations. You can charge this pen anywhere there is a powered USB port available.

Record continuously or record audio without the video. You can even take high-resolution photos at 4352×3264 with this video pen. Another great feature is that all the videos can be date and time-stamped to help collect evidence and easy organization when downloaded.

To download videos, plug the device into any Windows or Mac computer; you can playback the files through any standard media player on your computer.

This spy pen also boasts the highest video resolution currently available on the market for any body-worn device at an impressive 2304×1296. So when absolute crystal clear video and audio are required, this is the best option for the job.


This pen camera is perfect for private investigators and law enforcement, warrant processors, or secret shoppers. Take it to class to record lectures or work for meetings. It can even be used to help sort out problems at work or home or if you’re dealing with a child custody case. In addition, it’s great for capturing outdoor events, family parties, and more


  • Time and date stamp videos for evidence gathering and organization
  • Record video in 720P at 60 framers per second, or 1080P and 2K resolution at 30 frames per second
  • Records high-definition video 2034×1296 and audio. Capture high-resolution photos as well at 4352×3264
  • 1-hour battery life when fully charged. 16GB internal memory stores up to 2 hours of high-definition video at 30 frames per second
  • Easily download your recorded videos to a Mac or Windows computer, no software required, playback videos with any standard media player
  • This functioning pen not only can write, but it also has a durable metal body, making it the perfect portable concealed camera for any situation
  • You can even record video and audio while plugged in and charging. No blinking lights to blow your cover when recording and a built-in lens concealer to hide your video lens when you’re not using your camera


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