Remote micro listening and tracking

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 Functional car  cigarette lighter charger will allow you to charge your smartphone and also to locate your vehicle and listen to what is happening there remotely . Indeed, this seemingly classic cigarette lighter contains a GPS as well as an undetectable GSM microphone .

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Cigarette lighter charger GPS plotter and built-in GSM microphone

No one would suspect that this seemingly classic car cigarette lighter would in fact contain a GPS tracker and a GSM microphone .

Indeed, thanks to the integrated GPS plotter , you will be able to obtain the location of the vehicle and follow the journey in real time, whether in SMS mode or by consulting the free GPS 350 application which can be downloaded to your smartphone.

In addition, this car charger also contains a GSM microphone that will allow you, after inserting a SIM card , to listen to what is happening around the device remotely.

No matter the distance between you and the device, you will be able to listen remotely and receive the position of the device wherever you are in the world .

Finally, this cigarette lighter charger is functional , so you can very well use it for its primary function to charge your smartphone , as you would with a conventional charger.

As you will have understood, this very discreet device makes it a surveillance ally.

How to operate this device?

To operate this GPS tracker, you must insert a SIM card (not supplied) inside the device.

You can use a prepaid or subscription SIM card , the main thing is that the SIM card must have credit . If you want to use the application mode of the GPS tracker, make sure you have credit for calls , SMS and data (internet connection).

Technical feature

Autonomy up to 2 h / unlimited

Up to 2 hours of talk time

You can also connect it to the vehicle circuit in 12/24V for unlimited autonomy.

Remote spy listening

Thanks to its integrated microphone, call the plotter box and listen to what is happening around it.

SMS mode (without app)

You just have to send an SMS to the tracker and it will answer you by SMS by sending you a Google Maps link with the exact position of the device.


app mode

Available for free on AppStore and PlayStore. This application allows you to track the journey in real time.

Contents of the box

  •  GPS plotter with built-in microphone
  •  Notice in exclusive French

Product details

Built-in microphone
Motion detection
sound detection
Mains autonomy
Autonomy appeals
unlimited / 2 hours
Distance between you and the device
Battery capacity
Storage capacity
No registration
Weight in grams
Dimensions (LxWxH)
GSM autonomy category
Unlimited autonomy plugged into the mains
Remote Listening


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