WIFI 1080P Mini Clock spy Camera

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WIFI 1080P mini clock camera is a portable, discreet, and functioning alarm clock

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The WIFI 1080P mini clock camera is a portable, discreet, and functioning alarm clock with the ability to view live-stream footage from anywhere in the world, even at night, with the built-in infrared night vision that can see up to 15 feet! Set it up over the WIFI and view it from any internet-connected device.

This system is easily operated through an iPhone, Android, or tablet, allowing you to set up features like motion recording, continuous recording, date and time, motion-triggered alerts, and the ability to download your videos directly to your phone or tablet. This stealthy video recorder is an uncomplicated solution for any situation where needing to know “right now” is required.

Checking in on a nanny, making sure the repairman is working, or just needing to know who’s coming and going from your home or business are just some of the possible uses for this covert recorder.

Designed to blend into environments, this small non-intrusive device tells time like a regular alarm clock and displays the temperature, humidity, and date. It does not have any flashing lights present while recording to give away that it’s anything else but a simple alarm clock.

The device stores everything captured in 720P resolution onto a micro memory card. You can use up to a 256GB card to store up to 200 hours of high-definition video at 30 frames per second. This camera excels in small or large rooms with its 120° field of view, making the possibilities limitless when setting it up. Not only that, but this device makes for great 24-7 surveillance, and should the power go out, it can work for up to 8 hours on the built-in rechargeable battery.


Using smart peer-to-peer technology makes setting up this unit a breeze; you will be up and recording in minutes! First, download an app called TinyCam via the Google play store or Apple store. Enter your phone’s WIFI settings and connect with the unit’s WIFI signal. Once completed, point your phone or tablet’s camera at the QR code located on the bottom of the device to scan the QR code, which will enable a point-to-point connection.

Within the device settings on the application, you will choose your home or office WIFI and enter the password to get onto your network; once on the network, you will have access to the cameras’ live stream on your phone when away. The TinyCam application allows you to add multiple cameras, set the time, date and even change the recording settings to continuous or motion.

You can even set up motion trigger alerts for your smart devices to receive alerts when motion is present. To download your recorded videos plug the device into your Windows or Mac computer with the provided USB cable, or remove the SD card. The videos can be watched with your standard media player installed on your computer, or you can download these files directly to your smart devices allowing you to save them directly to your phone or tablet.


This item looks and functions like a real alarm clock, displaying the time, date, and temperature but concealed within it is an embedded hidden camera and digital video recorder. The unit even allows for remote storage of footage by simply pressing a button on your smartphone or internet-capable device. This is perfect for situations where you don’t have direct access to the unit while you are away.

The clock camera can record high-definition 720P video continuously or only when triggered by motion detection, even in the dark with its built-in infrared that can see up to 15 feet, and it can hold up to a 256GB micro SD card that can store up to 200 hours of high-definition video at 30 frames per second! The recorder can time and date stamp recorded files, so you know exactly when something occurred.

The videos can be reviewed on a Windows or Mac computer and do not require any special software; use your standard media player on your computer to view all of your recordings easily or download them to your smart devices through the application software. This alarm clock camera can be plugged in for 24-7 video surveillance, and should the power go out; the battery will operate for up to 8 hours of daylight recording or 3 hours when using night vision.

The wide 120° field of view allows you to cover large or small spaces at home or work efficiently. The free TinyCam app allows you to make changes to the unit’s features while you are away on vacation or at work, allowing you to change the recording type to motion or continuous, set up the time and date, motion trigger alerts, and more.


The mini clock cam is the perfect solution for ensuring the nanny or maid service is doing their jobs. Keep an eye on your kids or loved ones to ensure everyone is okay when away. It’s great for monitoring your valuables in your room or at the office. You can even check in on the caregiver to make sure your loved ones receive the best possible care or keep an eye on your apartment when maintenance stops by to fix something.


  • Live streams video at 1080P high-definition and saves video onto the SD card at 720P
  • Time and date stamp videos for evidence gathering and organization of your recorded files
  • No indicator lights are present while recording, allowing this nanny camera to blend in naturally
  • 256GB Micro SD card stores up to 200 hours of 720P high-definition video at 30 frames per second
  • WIFI hassle-free setup using peer-to-peer technology. Watch video remotely on your Android or Apple smartphone or tablets
  • Built-in infrared allows you to see up to 15 feet at night and a wide 120° field of view allows for you to cover areas conveniently
  • A functional alarm clock that displays date, time, temperature, and humidity, making it the perfect nanny camera for your home or office
  • Easily download your recorded videos to a Mac or Windows computer, no software required, playback videos with any standard media player
  • It can be left plugged into power for 24/7 surveillance and can operate for up to 3 hours with the built-in battery backup when fully charged and using infrared
  • Free Android and iPhone applications allow you to remotely set up features like time and date stamps, motion-activated recording, or motion trigger for mobile alerts. You can even download recorded footage directly to your smart devices with this easy-to-use application


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