1080P Video Spy Glasses camera

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covert video glasses have great 1080P high resolution and an easy one-touch record operation.



Our covert video glasses have great 1080P high resolution and an easy one-touch record operation. They look great and blend with any attire, offering discretion when needing to capture inappropriate interactions in the office, proving that deliveries are made to the correct recipient, or covertly monitoring an employee’s behavior.

A built-in 16GB memory allows you to store up to 1.5 hours of high-definition video and audio which can quickly be reviewed on any Windows or Mac computer with the included USB connection. In addition, the camera is hidden in the bridge of the glasses and offers an 80-degree field of view, perfect for capturing whatever you are looking at.



These glasses are very easy to use, with just one button for operation. There are two ways to turn it on: either holding down the button for 3 seconds to go directly into recording a file or holding it down for 2 seconds to enter standby mode. A flashing indicator light, located only where the user would see it on the left interior arm, lets you know what mode you’re in: it’ll show two flashes of blue and then disappear when recording, or it will have a solid blue light when in standby.

You may end a recording to go back into standby mode by clicking the button one time. While in standby, you can click the button once to snap a 4032×3024 photograph or hold the button down for a second to begin a new recording. Hold the button down for about 2 to 3 seconds to turn the unit off from either the standby or recording mode.

To review the video or photographs, plug the device into your Windows or Mac computer; you’ll also be recharging the internal batteries when you do this. Within the device’s memory are the PHOTO and VIDEO folders, along with a text document used to time and date stamp future recordings. You can use any standard media player when reviewing your recordings on a computer.


This stylish pair of high-definition video recording glasses could be your new tool for secret shopping or recording meetings at the office. Private investigators and victims of abuse alike use items such as these daily to capture what people do and say in combative interactions or gain the evidence they need to bring someone to trial.

They have incredible 1080P high definition resolution and have built-in, 16GB memory that stores up to an hour and a half of video and audio recordings. The glasses are very discreet, with one button for activation.

In addition, each recording can be date and time-stamped for easy organization of important files. Check or save the recordings by plugging the video glasses into any Windows or Mac computer. Then, you can easily playback any of your recorded files using your standard media player.


Our video glasses can be used for many different activities, like nature walks, or sporting events, family events, parties, and more. Or use these glasses for more serious matters like capturing abuses at home or in the workplace, child custody cases, interviews, training videos, secret shopping, law enforcement, or as a private investigator or warrant processor.


  • Time and date stamp videos for evidence gathering and organization of your recorded files
  • Records 1080P high-definition video and audio. Capture high-resolution photos at 4032×3024
  • No indicator lights are present while recording, allowing for these spy glasses to blend in naturally when in use
  • Simple to operate and turn on, with a one-touch record feature. 80° field of view allows for you to capture a large area
  • 1.5-hour battery life when fully charged. 16GB memory stores up to 1.5 hours of high-definition video at 30 frames per second
  • Easily download your recorded videos to a Mac or Windows computer, no software required, playback videos with any standard media player
  • These stylish glasses can be worn with any dress attire. The built-in embedded camera is cleverly hidden in the bridge of the glasses making this the perfect covert camera for work, home, or out on the town with friends


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