DIY 1080P WIFI Nanny mini Camera Kit

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New nanny cam kit is great, with everything you could want in a compact camera

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This new nanny cam kit is great, with everything you could want in a compact camera. It has WIFI allowing you to stream live 1080P high-resolution video feed at 25 frames per second, and it can be left plugged into the wall for 24-7 surveillance and should the power go out, the included rechargeable battery will work for up to 5 hours. You can also pick up the 6-hour battery for this kit, allowing you to hot-swap between the two should you not have access to direct power.

A passive infrared body heat motion sensor is attached to the video recorder’s main body, along with the WIFI antenna and a ribbon cable attached to a small pinhole camera with a 90° field of view. The simple and free-to-use HDSmartIPC application available for Apple and Android devices allows you to control the camera’s many features while away, like date and time, motion or continuous recording, mobile alerts, and the ability to download your recorded videos directly to your smartphone or tablet.

This device can support a 256GB micro SD card to store up to 156 hours of high-definition video. You can also retrieve the device and download it to a Mac or Windows computer, which allows you to playback your recorded files on your desktop’s media player.


Download the HDSmartIPC app from your Google or Apple play store. Once you have downloaded the app, turn the device on and wait about one minute for the device to start emitting a WIFI signal. Use your smartphone or tablet to connect with the device’s WIFI signal, open the app, and wait a moment. You may need to swipe down to refresh the page, but the unit will automatically connect with the application if connected to the device’s WIFI.

The wrench icon on the app’s right will open an option to enter the device settings. Here is where you’ll be able to adjust the recording resolution, set the date and time of recordings, and connect the kit with the WIFI of the location to enable remote viewing of this surveillance camera while away.

One of this unit’s great features is switching from normal motion detection based on changes in the camera’s field of view to using the built-in passive infrared body heat motion sensor, thereby decreasing useless motion detection from sources such as fans and TV screens.

Files can be downloaded remotely through the application directly to your Apple or Android smart devices for review or your Windows or Mac computer. You can playback those files with the standard media player that comes with your computer.


Ever wish you could make your own nanny camera? Think other hidden cameras are too obvious?  This kit comes with everything you need to make your own nanny cam. Included are a 90° micro camera, a video recorder, a passive body heat sensor for motion activation, a USB cable, a 5-hour rechargeable battery, and a WIFI antenna for 1080P high-definition live streaming!

The only thing you need to start recording is an SD card, which this device can support up to 256GB that will store up to 156 hours of recorded video, and let us not forget that you can pick up the extended 6-hour battery to allow you to hot-swap between the included battery should you find a place devoid of constant power. If you have a local power source, you can leave this camera plugged in for 24-7 surveillance of your home or business. All videos can be date and time-stamped to help with evidence gathering using the free HDSmartIPC application for Apple or Android phones or tablets.

This app gives you the power to log in and make changes to the many features of this unit, like date and time stamping your videos, changing the record type from continuous to motion-activated recording, you can even download your recorded videos to your smart devices and play them back directly through the application. You can also download your files to a desktop computer, Mac or Windows, and you can playback your videos with the built-in media player included with your computer.


The 1080P WIFI nanny cam kit is the perfect solution for ensuring the nanny or maid service is doing their jobs. Keep an eye on your kids or loved ones to ensure everyone is okay when away. It’s great for monitoring your valuables in your room or at the office. You can even check in on the caregiver to make sure your loved ones receive the best possible care or keep an eye on your apartment when maintenance stops by to fix something.


  • Do it yourself and build your own nanny camera with this kit
  • Live streams video at 1080P high-definition and saves video onto the SD card at 1080P
  • Time and date stamp videos for evidence gathering and organization of your recorded files
  • 256GB Micro SD card store 156 hours of 1080P high-definition video at 25 frames per second
  • The built-in micro camera has a wide 90° field of view which allows for you to cover areas conveniently
  • It can be left plugged into power for 24/7 surveillance or can operate for up to 5 hours with no power when fully charged
  • WIFI hassle-free setup using peer-to-peer technology. Watch video remotely on your Android or Apple smartphone or tablets
  • Easily download your recorded videos to a Mac or Windows computer, no software required, playback videos with any standard media player
  • Free Android and iPhone applications allow you to remotely set up features like time and date stamps, motion-activated recording, or motion trigger for mobile alerts. You can even download recorded footage directly to your smart devices with this easy-to-use application


  • 6 Hour Extended Battery


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