GPS Spy Tracker – Long Autonomy

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3G GPS tracker  allows you to obtain the GPS / LBS / WIFI position of your vehicle. In addition, this GPS tracker has a magnet that facilitates the concealment of the device in the vehicle.

This GPS tracker is ideal for countries with a 3G connection , compared to other trackers on the site that work with a 2G connection, which is not accessible in all countries.

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3G GPS Tracker – Long Autonomy 60 hours / 60 days

This 3G GPS tracker  is an exceptional surveillance ally .

Indeed, thanks to the  GPS plotter , you will be able to obtain the  location of the vehicle  and  follow the route in real time , by consulting the free GPS 365 application  downloadable on your smartphone.

You will also be able to be alerted in case  of motion detection of the device.

Finally, this GPS tracker is magnetized which makes it easy to hide in the vehicle.

As you will have understood, this  very discreet device  makes it a surveillance ally.

How to operate this device?

To operate this GPS tracker, you must insert a SIM card (not supplied) inside the device.

You can use a prepaid or subscription SIM card , the main thing is that the SIM card must have credit . If you want to use the application mode of the GPS tracker, make sure you have data credit ( internet connection).

Technical feature

Autonomy up to 60h / 60 days

Up to 60 hours (with 1 position every 10 minutes)

Up to 60 days standby.

You can also connect it to the vehicle circuit in 12/24V for unlimited autonomy.


Equipped with a super powerful magnet, your GPS tracker can be attached to any metal surface.

app mode

Available for free on AppStore and PlayStore. This application allows you to track the journey in real time.

Exclusive user manual

Produced by our experts, an easy and functional user manual.

Available online on a dedicated website.


This device is waterproof you can place it outside.

Product details

Motion detection
Battery life
60 d standby / 60 h
Mains autonomy
Distance between you and the device
Built-in memory
Weight in grams
Dimensions (LxWxH)
Unlimited autonomy plugged into the mains
Remote Listening


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